Partner Support

Partner Support

Op PTSD Support currently runs a facebook online support group that is hidden. This group is for partners and family members of veterans with PTSD. Averaging about 100 partners active at a time, there is always someone around to be a sounding block when you need to talk. All these ladies have been loving and living with someone with PTSD. Ages range from 19 through to 65. For further details on this group you need to contact Donna through the messages on the Op PTSD Support page on facebook, or through email at . Note: the page cannot be found through seaarching on facebook. 

OP PTSD has a range of resource books that it donates to libraries in districts and schools, some may be available for your use depending on your location. 

Coffee mornings, luncheons and respite opportunities are held regularly. Whilst we occasionally will have a function that invites your partner ( the PTSD Sufferer) along, these support group functions  are targeted specifically at the carers. There are many other groups that actually look after the veteran.

Op PTSD Support is unable to assist with grants of money to cover debt, however our welfare officers are able to assist you to apply for assistance through many other organisations that are specifically set up for this reason. Please contact Donna or Kim  and we can link you up with the most appropriate welfare officer. 

We are supported by Power Legal Ipswich, and this legal firm assist our members in many different ways all at discounted rates. Whilst they specialise in family, estate law and conveyancing, their solicitors also deal with military compensation and criminal law. If you are in need of legal advice and you are in the Brisbane area or happy to deal by phone give them a call on 07 32816644

Issues that have arisen from the group have been presented to higher authorities, within DVA or to the minister. Current issues tha Op PTSD are raising are:

Real support and education for the families when a veteran is diagnosed, assistance whilst the veteran is in hospital, through the transition process and beyond. Real support that is practical and helpful.

Housing: When a member is medically discharged at Category A, unable to work, their incapacity payments do not include rent assistance as their wages did when serving. If these troops do not nave a home, thier chances of ever getting one diminish. We are asking for some assistance by providing access to housing in a similar way to housing commission or state housing, or assisting with rent buy schemes. 

Equal Access to Counselling Services for all veterans families:  Currently there is discrimination within the VVCS access to services, with families of veterans from certain conflicts being given many more services than other families. PTSD is PTSD no different based on conflict, the access should be no different.

Maroochydore Retreat

We hold a fun filled weekend at Maroochydore Camp and Conference Centre twice a year. May and October. These weekends are packed full of "different" relaxing fun activities. Each retreat is different. Perhaps you will get a belly , burlesque or salasa dance lesson, pilates, tai chi, meditational drumming, foot detox, Barrs, massage, colouring in, painting, doodle reading, art thrapy, pin up or boho photo shoot, psychic readings. Each retreat is different. But there is certainly something for everyone and you can do as little or as much as you desire. We fundraise throughout the year to help keep the costs of the retreat to a minimum.