Military BRATS

Military BRATS


Military BRATS is programs supporting children living with a parent (full or part time)  that has been injured mentally or physically through defence service. 

.The aim of the program is to provide developmentally appropriate information to support children of veterans suffering from a combat-related mental illness, so they may reach a level of resilience, understanding and tolerance to feel successful in navigating their place within the family and most importantly, know that it is not their fault. Children who are eligible to attend this program are already eligible for counselling through VVCS.

The program has ben written by Kerry Hanson, a teacher, mum of 4 and partner/carer of a veteran with PTSD.  The program is education based and it is hoped that we will be able to roll theprogram out across Australia very soon. Currently the program is only availablein SE QLD.  

IF you would like further details on this program please contact Kerry Hanson