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Quest papers 16/7/2014




To raise funds and awareness whilst assisting those supporting our troops. The carers and families of those veterans injured or suffering mental health condition. In August 2014 we will extend our scope to include those families of emergency service personnell suffering with PTSD, Depression, Bi Polar or Anxiety.
Operation PTSD Support was founded by Donna Reggett (Military Kids Recognition) with assistance from Brooke Pesce (LIttle Aussie Warriors). Believing that the families of veterans needed to be cared for( veterans are catered for through the many ex service organisations, associations and groups ).  The idea of the group is to raise funds through various means to enable them to put deployment and PTSD resource books into schools and libraries around the country, assist carers with respite, deliver the Mental Health First Aid course to partners for free or very reduced rate, conduct children's camps and respite outings all over Australia.  All the time raising awareness of PTSD, Depression, Bi- Polar and  Suicide, and the impact of these on families.
Donna's dream is to one day have a safe place in every state where partners can seek emergency accommodation for respite that would offer help from those that understand that sometimes living with a veteran or first responder with a mood disorder  can be exhausting and overwhelming. We believe a few days timeout could save a marriage. If you are a partner in need please contact Donna through the page messages or 0430166070.  
Donna has been trained through the DVA TIP program and has been a veterans advocate for 14 years. Donna has studied counselling thrugh SCU, human services through USQ and in May 2015 graduated from USQ with a Diploma of Communty Development.  Other members of the committee have also been trained to various levals through TIP/DVA, and hold verious other qualifications.
All merchandise in the On line shop is our way of raising funds, please consider us when you are purchasing gifts. 
Operation PTSD Support Inc was granted charity status in Sept 2013, and donations can be made through the on line shop here. 
Financial reports for the group will always be availble to anyone wishing to view them. 
Anyone wishing to support our fundraising, or conduct fundraising on behalf of Operation PTSD Support,  is welcome to contact  Donna 0430166070. 

Donna and the executive team are allpartners or family of  Contemporary Australian Veterans, and between them have vast experience and knowledge, but above all they have the passion to ensure this works. 

The mission Statement moved and agreed to at the inaugural meeting is as follows

To raise the funds to assist with the respite for partners, carers and children of incapacitated Australian veterans.

To raise funds to purchase resources for families and carers of incapacitated veterans and to place these resources in schools and libraries throughout Australia.
To assist where possible with emergency crisis care for partners and children of incapacitated Australian veterans up to a maximum of 3 nights. 
To raise awareness of PTSD and other mental health conditions diagnosed in Australian Veterans
To organise respite retreats for partners and children of incapacitated Australian Veterans.

Military Kids Recognition has  provided all the funds for the set up of Operation PTSD Support. A percentage of profits from Military Kids Recognition  will continue to be donated to Operation PTSD Support for their ongoing work. 






The Annual General Meeting of Operation PTSD Support Inc was held on Tuesday July 29th, 2014 at 7.30pm at 17 Willaroo Close, Flinders View 4305

Present were Donna Reggett, Danielle Jorgensen, Nicole Reggett, Annie Smith, Toni Birtles-Crute, Clare Wightwick, Andrew Reggett, Graham Birtles-Crute and Kim Lawson

Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Kerry Hansen

Minutes of Last Meeting

Minutes of the last annual general meeting held on 5th August, 2013 were read.

Donna Reggett  moved that they be accepted as correct.

Seconded by Toni Birtles-Crute.


Matters arising from the Minutes

There were no matters arising from the Minutes.

Annie Smith moved that the minutes of the previous annual general meeting held on 5th August, 2013 be adopted. 

Seconded  Toni Birtles-Crute.

Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer's Annual Report was read by Annie Smith and is as follows:

            Treasurer's Annual Report as at 30th April, 2014

            Opening Cash Balance           $0.00

            Income Received                     $3731.64

            Expenses Paid                         $0.00

            Closing Cash Balance $3731.64

Annie Smith moved that the Treasurer's Annual Report be accepted as read. 

Seconded by Clare Wightwick.



Business Arising from Treasurer's Report

There were no matters arising from the Treasurer's Report.

Toni Birtles-Crute moved that the Treasurer's Report be adopted. 

Seconded by Kim Lawson.

Motion carried


President's Report

The President, Donna Reggett, read the President's Report which is as follows:

Operation PTSD Support has been up and running now since August last year. 

It was slow to start with no funds. The strat up was paid for by Military Kids as was the web page.  Little Aussie Warrior had some problems and were unable to contribute financially, perhaps in the future they will be able to. 

Associate Membership of the group has grown to 128 through partner support, and over 1000 people interacting on the OPPTSD Facebook site. 

We have had  a few fundraising events and hopefully in the future as we grow we can have a fundraising co ordinator.  Plank for PTSD was run by Karmen O Hanlon and although raised very little money at the event did raise a lot of awareness.  This was followed by an on line Auction. 

The Get Dirty for PTSD mud run again raised awareness but not a lot of funds. 


The 3 day cruise was a lot of fun, and 23 women from all over Australia got together for three days and relaxed, returning home to their families rejuvenated. This is something that would be a great event every two years. 

The weekend retreat at the sunshine coast saw 24 women come together for a lot of fun, some pin up photography and burlesque dancing just some of the weekend activities. Op PTSD Support was able to assist 6 women to participate and Brooke worked hard to get many of the necessities at great prices or free. This weekend was subsidised by Military Kids Recognition.   It is hoped this will become an annual retreat. 

We are currently looking into retreats in Sydney and Canberra.


It is hoped we can get some welfare officers for the group within the next twelve months. 

Over the past 6 months we have been able to offer welfare and support to many partners. This has been done at individual members expense, it is hoped that we can get some funding to provide fuel vouchers to those offering welfare assistance. 

Military BRATS

This is a program written by Kerry Hanson and just waiting to be delivered to children. We have been held up because of insurance complications. 

Overall it has been a great start to the organization, and  I can see us moving forward. Teething almost completed,  getting us up and running and known is the mission for 2014- 2015. 

Donna Reggett


29 July 2014 


Chair Declares all Positions Vacant

All committee positions were declared vacant.  Nominations and elections were as follows: Due to there being no need for a vote the president continued to chair the meeting.

President – Nominations were Donna Reggett who was nominated by Danielle Jorgensen.  The motion was seconded by Toni Birtles-Crute.

Vice-President – Nominations were Danielle Jorgensen who was nominated by Donna Reggett.  The motion was seconded by Kim Lawson.

Secretary – Nominations were Kim Lawson who was nominated by Donna Reggett.  seconded by Danielle Jorgensen.

Treasurer – Nominations were Annie Smith who was nominated by Danielle Jorgensen  seconded by Nicole Reggett.

All present voted and the committee, as nominated,  was accepted.

Motion carried.

Date of Next Annual General Meeting

The date of the next Annual General  meeting was set for the 28th July, 2015  with the venue to be advised.  The President  declared the meeting closed at 7.45pm.

Kim Lawson  - Secretary



Donna Reggett – President



Financial Statement

our First bank account was opened on the 7/11/2013